When looking at the sky...

These days, looking at the cloudy sky,
I often wonder
when the sky will shed tears on Earth and on me…
I had been waiting and waiting
for the moment when the rain poured down
before long…

But no rains at all!!!
I could smell the rain from far far away…
I could feel the rain so much close to me…
But no rains at last!!!

So many days passed
but I still find it so hard to put my feelings into words,
wishing that my mind goes blank for a while
whenever watching or imagining it’s drizzling outside…

Come rain or shine, I used to take it for granted
each time reading the lines written by someone so sulky
about the shower or the drizzle,
about the torrential rain or the pour down
from somewhere so up high.
Maybe it came from the reason
why I paid no attention to something called the tears of the sky.

I can’t deny that
if it hadn’t been for the walk in the rain in the jungle someday
I would never have let my mind wander so far.
Such is a kind of indescribable emotion invading me
that I’ve almost had my head in the clouds.

All of a sudden, the desire in a tender embrace is provoked strongly
from my mind.
All of a sudden, the hunger for a sweet hug is arousing deeply
from my gut.
All of a sudden, the thirst for strong coffee is parching my throat

There’s still a sweet hug for me,
There’s still a tender embrace for me,
And so much strong coffee
I can make for myself or even buy from a certain coffee shop,


I often say I’d like to taste the sweetest.
I often say I’d rather not touch anything bitter.
But why am I feeling so delightful
at the bitterness of the strong coffee
I have found it uneasy to have a try once?

So many turn out to be so sad or so depressed
when looking at the raindrops
scattered over every piece of the sky
whereas only annoyance comes to me
every time I’m out in the rain…

…Only these days
…so strange
…so amazing

…the rain is always giving so much peace to my soul and my spirit
…especially at the moment I’m inside

…Everything will change… no one can tell the future
…People often say so …

…but now for sure I know

…the more we know each other…
…the more trust we place in each other…
…the more we understand each other
…the more life we share with each other…
…and the more love we give to each other…

Suddenly, I yearn for a slow walk in the rain…
…or even crave for a dance in the rain…

Suddenly, I fancy the tears of the sky
…trickling down my face,
…soaking up my body,
…and drenching me from head to toe…

Suddenly, I long for a moment
…waltzing wildly around with you…
…in the rain…
…somewhere in a jungle…
…so far far away…

…Eventually way into love is standing in front of…

…Shall we dance?
…in the rain?

I know I’m driving mad…
At least at the moment…

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